Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Magnificent Seven

After three years and seven issues, your humble editor has decided it's time for a break and is now on an extended sabbatical for an indefinite period. Thank you to the many writers and readers from across the globe who've been involved in this fascinating journey.

Issues Five and Six are still on sale, with prices cut from £4 to £2 (UK) / from £5 to £3 (Overseas). They're limited editions so get them while you can. And of course, don't forget Issue Seven. It's a beauty; this is ending on a high note.

Is this the end? Possibly – but never say never. Join the eMailing list to be kept abreast of future developments, or or visit the blog to leave comments.

James Paul Wallis, editor

Prices Reduced

Prices for back issues reduced from £4 to £2 (UK) / from £5 to £3 (overseas)

These are limited editions and will never be reprinted.

Get them before they sell out!

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Issue Seven Out Now

Issue Seven is about change, and is change; tOLR is reborn in professionally-bound paperback format, with a full-colour cover and printed in black on textured off-white paper.

Featuring authors from the UK, Ireland, Spain, the USA, Switzerland, Pakistan, Canada and Australia, including returning favourites Shane Allison and Brendan Connell, and intriguing newcomers Ivan Faute, Jeremy Wexler and Rizwan Saeed Ahmed. Watch out for the marzipan.

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